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Between the moment on which it is decided to issue a stamp and the ultimate issuing date lays a long period. When the design drawings are approved proof printings are made. Often something will be changed on the stamp.

Sometimes proofs are printed in different colours to assess the effects. Since 1970 proofs are no longer offered to collectors in the Netherlands.

Seen in a topical way proofs are the philatelic items. It does not matter if these proofs have lead to a definitive issue.

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Proof of a machine franking stamp

A proof which pictures topically the same as the corresponding stamp will be in many cases be of more importance (postal processing, rarity) than the stamp (printed in a millions edition). 

It is not meant to fill whole pages with easy available proofs, because that will break, inconveniently, the topical development.
By the way there are also proofs of, for example, post cards. These also are more rare than the definitive card.

by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee" 2/2008 
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