Vasyl Pylypchuk

Vasyl Pylypchuk was born on the 5th of April 1871 in the village Hnylychky Mali in the Ternopil region, Ukraine. His parents owned a large enough apiary and the youth of a child had taken love for apiculture.

Vasyl Pylypchuk became a priest and he moved to his parish in the village Biloholovy near Zboriv. Beside his pastor duties he devoted much time to social activities among the local population, but most of his time he devoted to his large apiary which numbered nearly 200 beehives. There he carried out test on keeping bees in hives of various constructions. As an apiarist-innovator Pylypchuk put into practice everything new that appeared in apiculture.

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In 1913 in Ternopil came out his handbook "Practical Illustrated Apiculture Manual" where various constructions of beehives and methods of apiculture were described. World War I destroyed all his works. He himself as an Ukrainian patriot had occasion to get to know the "charms" of the Lviv prison.

In 1920, when Pylypchuk got a parish in the village Liubsha, he immediately surrendered himself wholly to active social work: he orginazed "Prosvita" (= Enlightenment) centers in the surrounding villages, futhered the development of to operative societies. At the same time he taught at courses in apiculture. He is the author of a new type beehive: the Ukrainian dadant. He actively contributed to various agricultural magazines.

Pylypchuk was named "Segnior of Ukrainian apiculture" for his valuable contribution to the development of apiculture in Galicia. 

Vasyl Pylypchuk died on 17th of February 1941.

by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee" 4/1999 
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