Ship-owner "Abeilles International"
by Geraldine Forstier

The ownership Abeilles International is founded in 1864 by Walter as the Compagnie de remorquage et de sauvage des Abeilles.

The firm of shipowners possesses deep sea tugs specialized in salvage (remorquage) and rescue (sauvetage) of sea ships,

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Between 1865 and 1877 was built L'Abeille l till 6. L'Abeille 10 was built in 1899.

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Abeille Cognac at the harbour of La Rochelle

Nowadays the main ships are:

  • L'Abeille Liberte at the harbour Cherbourg 

  • L'Abeille Bourbon at the harbour Brest 

  • L'Abeille Languedoc at the harbour La Rochelle 

  • L'Abeille Flandre at the harbour Toulon

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taken from "The Postal Bee" 2/2009 
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