Réunion: 10 stamps with bees

Réunion is an island in the neighbourhood of Madagacar in the Indian Ocean. For a long time a desert island. It was of importance to ships on their way to India because of the fresh water.


In 1649 the island was officialy annexed by France. During the French Revolution the island changed names for a short time: 1793 - lle de la Réunion (for the revolutionaries a symbol for the meeting of the revolutionary troops in Paris in 1790; 1806 - lle Bonaparte; 1810 lle Bourbon. Finally it was Réunion in 1848. At this moment the island is - just like Guadeloupe and Mauritius - an overseas department of France.

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The French Revolution, c.q. Napoleon have put their stamp up on the history of Réunion. So it is not surprising, that 10 Napoleonic bees are found on the coat of arms.

by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee"  5/2005 
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