French revenue stamps

In 1999 I bought from Carl Spitzer a list with hundreds of revenue stamps. The list was compiled by Carl Spitzer and Margaret Stanchfield in 1995.

Translating (with permission) the list into the Dutch language, French revenue stamps had my special attention, because I have some of the stamps in my collection. I have never understood the small bees on them.

I think, the mention "Imperial Eagle" on the list set me on the right rack. On the below stamps, the "Imperial Eagle" is found on l, 2 and 4. Combining the eagle with the emission dates brings me to Napoleon III.

Napoleon III - whole name Carl Louis Napoleon Bonaparte - was born at Paris 1808 as a son of Louis Napoleon Bonaparte, a brother of Napoleon I. Napoleon III died in England 1873.

Napoleon III grew up in the Napoleontic myth. After a political career of ups and downs, he became president of the Republique in 1846.

Conclusion: the bees on the revenue stamps are Napoleontic bees.

eng_re19.jpg (21187 Byte)
1862 "Dimension" stamps for a tax levied on documents by size of the documents. A bee is in every corner.

1865-66 Second series "Dimension"; draped Imperial Eagle. Drape covered with bees.
eng_re20.jpg (12607 Byte)
1860 "Effets de Commerce" tax stamps were used on foreign bills of exchange or drafts and exacted a proportional tax on the amount of transaction. One bee in each top corner.
marken6.jpg (15913 Byte)

1868 or 1871 Telegraph revenue stamps. A bee in each top corner.

Information about the stamps found in "bee list revenues" by Carl Spitzer and Margaret Stanchfield.

by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee" 2/2000 
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