To smoke bees

It is taken for granted that beekeepers get their bees quiet with smoke. Smoke has two conditions:
  • the smoke will not be too hot;
  • the smoke will be applied moderately.

On the souvenir sheet of Nevis 1994 you find at the lower left a bellows smoker.

On the cover of the Belgium booklet 1997 there is another one.

specia251.jpg (19299 Byte)

And the stamp Mocambique 1985 - 4 Mt shows a beekeeper working with a smoker.

specia165.jpg (31084 Byte)

The discovery of a postal stationery of ± 1890 inspired me to look futher. On the back of the p.s. is an order form for bee­keepers tobacco. Beekeepers tobacco is a by product of the tobacco industry. Quality is not important. It is only necessary that the tobacco smoulders and smokes.

eng_sm4.jpg (51097 Byte)

Warning: the card has the characteristics of a p.s., but I am not sure the German Post Office has printed the card or has approvedthe printing by the firm Harrsen.

by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee" 3/2000 
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