Stamps 2007

France € 1,98 Gardens; 3 golden bees on sheet margins
Guernsey GY booklet with ivy bee (Colletes hederae)
Ireland greetings stamps Value N (national) + 10 ornamental stamps; comic bee on ornamental stamp
Mozambique  sheet abelhas: Apis mei. Scutellata bloc abelhas: 3 bees
Korea North  sheet orchids; on sheet margins 2 bees 
Korea South  250 W; greeting stamps; sunflower - bee
Slovenia 0,50 animals round a camp fire; among them a bee; Europe stamp
St. Vincent & Gren.  100 y Teddy bears; bear with bee on his head
Switzerland  00 winter scene with Bee Tagg (comb)
Taiwan 5 ; bees and sunflower from sheet with 20 child drawings
USA 41 booklet pollination; 2 bumble bees

by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee" 1/2009 
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