New Apis species on stamp

When in  1635 king Louis VIII founded a "royal garden of medicinal plants", nobody could for see its extraordinary future. 

The king's aim was medicine and pharmacy students. On occasion of the 7th IBRA Conference of "Tropical Beekeeping" Thailand issued on 19.03.2000 stamps, picturing 4 native bees. The dwarf bee Apis florea, the Indian bee Apis cerana and the giant bee Apis dorsata are known on stamps. New is the dwarf bee Apis andreniformis.

marken58.jpg (17715 Byte)   marken55.jpg (16359 Byte)

marken56.jpg (17527 Byte)   marken57.jpg (19806 Byte)

A. Andreniformis is darker and  smaller than the Florea.  A.andreniformis builds unconcealed nests. And that's probably the reason, that the bee is more aggressive than the other little bee found in the same habitat southeast Asia.

by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee" 2/2000 
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