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The tradition of Czeck stamp design

The tradition of Czech stampdesign is commemorate theme: this year by Anna Podzemnas stamp of the issue The 15th Anniversary of the Czechoslovak Liberation. This issue of five postage stamps which appeared in 1960 contained two stamps by A. Podzemna created in cooperation with the engraver Jifi Svengsbir. Podzemna's work is represented by the 30 h stamp featuring a little girl eating a cake.

The painter Anna Podzemna-Suchardova (1909-1996) studied at the school of arts and crafts UMPRUM and the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (A. Hofbainer, M. Svabinsky) and at Academie Julien in Paris. She was the author of numerous paintings and drawings of folk types in the Valassko region. Her numerous stamp designs proved her quality of an outstanding portrait and figure painter. She used her sense of figurative composition mainly in designing stamps with sport themes. She is the author of multi-stamp issues on Czechoslovak Spartakiads, stamps featuring a number of sport disciplines and series of stamps on several Olympic Garnes. Her designs are füll of dynamism and sport elegance.

The drawer, graphic designer and engraver J. Svengsbir (1921-1983) graduated from the school of arts and crafts UMPRUM in Prague (A. Strnadel) and in the course of his 30 years' cooperation with the postal administration he created over 250 engravings and won a number of prizes for them. A tribute was paid to him in the 2004 issue of The Tradition of Czech Stamp Design.

The first-day cover of the issue features a pasqueflower from the 60 h stamp commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Lidice and Lezaky massacre, designed by A. Podzemna in 1962. The postage stamp is issued both in the form of sheets and as a book of 8 stamps and 4 coupons.

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