Difficult stamp of Ukraine

Last years Ukraine gave the collectors of the topic "Bees, Honey and Beekeeping" three stamps, a postal stationary, a bloc with six stamps and several special occasion cancellations. The sale ofthe first stamp has stopped. Maybe il is time to consider in more detail Ukrainian theme stamp.

Of course it is obvious that a franking stamp, which was on the band at the counter for more than six years, must have been reproduced for need, respectively reprinted.

It is also self-evident, that differences arise. The next differences are striking to me, without the pretension to be complete. Maybe this is an encouragement to other collectors to search for more.

The stamp has the  Michel catalogue number 127 - Series franking stamps, etnographicpictures "beekeeper from East Ukraine" - Emission date November 12, 1994; saled till March 31, 2001; out of date June 30, 2001 - Value 'E', ment for postcards and covers till 20 gr in the countries of G.O.S. (in continuation of  Sovjet Union). Counter price on emission date = 1800 Karbowanez; in March 2001 = 0,70Hriwna (=0,13US$).

A.) colour: dark orange
  • Fluorescencing surcharge: diagonal line 45°, inclined to right; common paper; under and right wide sheet margin.
  • Fluorescencing surcharge: diagonal line 45°, inclined to right, line only on stamp not on margin; paper soft fluorescencing;
  • Fluorescencing surcharge: three vertical waving lines.
B. Colour: red-orange
(darker than A)
  • Without fluorescencing surcharge; glossy paper;
  • Fluorescencing surcharge, diagonal line 45°, inclined to right; fluorescencing paper;
  • As 2.; soft fluorescencing paper;
  • As 2.; common paper.

by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee" 4/2001 
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