USA: American place names

Lately a German dealer has offered four postmarks with American place names. These are difficult to find in Europe.

All cancellations are from 1988: the emission year of the stamp USA - 25 c, bee on red clover. So an American collector (dealer ?) has consciously cancelled the stamps in places with a bee related name.

eng_us1.jpg (16183 Byte)   eng_us2.jpg (17984 Byte)   eng_us3.jpg (21823 Byte)

However two person's names are used in the addressing, the street and place names are both the same. 

So I think it's a dealer, specialised in place names. And that supposes there are more of such covers. So pay attention when you go to a stamp fair.

by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee" 4/2008 
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