Sealing wax: The continuing story

For an exhibition at Vienna the sealing wax marks of Geraldine Forestier were refused. Because "in sealing wax is no beeswax."

There is a reaction of Holger Belzer: "Historically seen were - before the rise of the sealing wax (l 6* Century) -documents ratified with coloured beeswax. The colour of the beeswax showed which dignitary used the sealing wax"

In the magazine "Bijen Houden" (Beekeeping) from december 2008 is written on page 15 why on a certain moment no beeswax is used for sealing wax. Because beeswax marks were very vulnerable. For that reason a few beeswax marks are saved.

Conclusion: only very old sealing wax marks can be used in a topical collection. So modern sealing wax marks on value sending's or feather mail are not usable.

by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee" 3/2009 
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