Sealing wax: The continuing story (2)

This red sealing wax mark is one of the two wax marks on the back of a letter from the Zivnostenska Banka at Praha to her branch in Pilsen, dated 27-11-1939. The front is complete füll with a lot of marks and information about the weight, registeredmail, adresses, postages etc. Also the value is mentioned, 3000 Czech krönen, at that tirne about 300 Gernian Reichsmark, now about 1075 euro, a big amount for that time.

For us the back is interesting, two sealing wax marks with the logo, the bee hive and the name of the Zivnostenska Banka at Praha.

The postal.directives at that time concerning sealing wax marks were: Die Siegel müssen ein eigentümliches Gepräge haben", free translated: it is a postal prescription,that the sealing wax marks must have a property charasterictic.

Now, that is correct because this picture was since many years the logo of the Zivnostenska Banka. So this cover can be used on an exhibition, not because it is from bee sealing wax, but because it is symbolic to the bee hive of the Zivnostenska Banka.

This cover belongs to our member, Herman ten Have. The explanation, in Gernian language, 9 pages total, is from Holger Beizer, the webmaster of www. Also there is in Dutch language a discussion available about sealing wax. If you are interested, let me know and we will send it by email.

by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee" 4/2009 
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