The "Zeidler"

My dictionary translates "Zeidler" with 'imker', 'beekeeper'. But it's not a common beekeeper. It's a forest beekeeper. A "Zeidler" is a man, who has the right to make cavities in trees of State forests (see the Poland Apimondia stamp 1987 - 50 zt). 

Or later - when beekeepers realized that this way was killing too many trees - the man, who hangs log hives in a tree.

Finnish and Polish bee tree marks

I have two examples of the word "Zeidler" on a postal item:

eng_ze18.jpg (40378 Byte)

1.  On a red meter the word 'Zeidler' is a firms name for a beekeeping equipment dealer;

stempe110.jpg (17165 Byte)

2. A recent special occasion cancellation from Germany, Lebach, 22.10.1999, 100 years beekeepers association.

The word 'Zeidler" is found, written in italic characters, at the lower left by the feet

There is another 'Zeidler' on a machine franking stamp from the "Landesverband' of Bavarian beekeepers"; Nürnberg 1986. The text above the 'Zeidler' says: "protect the bees".

wpe3A.jpg (49154 Byte)

It's a 'Zeidler' from the Nürnberger State forest, found on an engraving of the 18th Century. 

The beekeeper has strange equipment: a cross bow and arrows. Why ? Not because beekeeping was a dangerous Job in those times. The reason is simple: the 'Zeidler' had to shoot a rope around a branch before he could climb to bis bees.

You can try for the 'Zeidler' red meter:

Zeidler magazin
Simone Raff
Pestalozzistaße 24
D-76351 Linkenheim

by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee" 1/2000 
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