The Postal Bee: A new editor

It is quite some time before it is January l, 2009, but it seem a solution has been found regarding the replacement for the editorship of Jan de Crom. However there is a big condition.

Albert Train (the  auction master)  will take up the editorship. But he feels himself unable to fill The Postal Bee like it has happened for 14 years. So Albert is completelv dependent on what the members send in. Jan de Crom has promised to write articles for The Postal Bee. But also he cannot do it alone. So we expect the contributions of the members.

But as already stated earlier and again it will be said loud and clear: when the members of The Postal Bee do not send us questions, ideas, articles, new finds, then they can predict that the The Postal Bee will not exist for very long.

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by Jan de Crom  
taken from "The Postal Bee" 3/2008 
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