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Our API-PHILA homepage is a non commercial site and is the start of an online catalogue for collectors of this magnificent topic.

We try to show so much as possible of this wonderful stamps, but many stamps are missing. So we are looking alway for partners worldwide who are able to send us missing stamps by mail as a .jpg-file (info@bienenmarken.de).  We are searching also any kind of FDC, covers or special cancellations showing bee or motives of bee-keeping like hive
s. Maybe you can help us ?

We are members of:


Please note: this homepage is for display and reference only. We are sorry, but we have no stamps for sale or changing.

Please note:

This website includes images of unofficial/illegal issues which have no official status and as such are not recognised by the U.P.U. 
They are known collectively as "Cinderellas". They are not listed in the stamp catalogues, and you are strongly advised not to purchase such issues.

How to use ?

At the moment we have not a complete English version, but it is very easy to navigate in this site with the following helps.

The Country-List is the heart of our project:

Argentinien / Argentina Englische Informationen / English Informations stamps FDC cancels specials
Armenien / Armenia Englische Informationen / English Informations stamps
wpe75.jpg (1726 Byte) Aserbaidschan / Azerbaijan Englische Informationen / English Informations stamps FDC cancels

There are six columns:

No. 1: the flag of the country
No. 2: the name of the country (german / english) by the order of the german names  
No. 3: link to the country-side showing postal stamps
No. 4: link to the country-side showing first day cover
No. 5: link to the country-side showing special cancellation / postmarks
No. 6: link to the country-side showing different kind of special items
 Englische Informationen / English Informations : english speaking informations about the country

Colored dots:

Behind some entrys you will find colored dots. This dots are helping you to see, witch changings are happened until the last update.
= complete new page  
in front of flag = this contry is the first time listet  
= new image(s) on this page    
= changed image(s) on this page

[ to the list ]


Each page has an own navigation system. On top you find the country name (german / english), the flag and a navigation bar (german / english). 


[ Marken ] [ FDC ] [ Stempel ] [ Specials ] [ Club ] [ Postverwaltung ]
[ Stamps ] [ FDC ] [ Cancels ] [ Specials ] [ Club ] [ Postoffice ]

 The links means:

[ Marken ] [ Stamps] Stamps
[ FDC ] First day covers
[ Stempel ] [Cancels] cancellations like firstday cancelx, special cancels or meter stamps
[ Specials ] covers, maxi-cards, sheets (special items)
[ Club ] link to the Swedish bee stamp collectors club (in different languages)
[ Postverwaltung ] [ Postoffice ] link to the appropriate postal gouverment

May be some links are not aktive at time. 

Notice to users of Pop-up blockers

Some popup blockers may prevent you from seeing the full size scans. These appear in a popup window. If large size pictures do not appear when you click on a thumbnail, please disable your blocker. Thank you.

And now we wish you a good time in the 
World of bees on stamps

Holger Belzer

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