Swedish Bee Stamp Collectors Club

Come and join us collecting stamps with motives from bees and beekeeping in the Swedish Bee Stamp Collectors’ Club. It was founded in 1989 and has uptil now 38 members. You can enjoy its’ members’ newsletter four times a year. New stamps, FDC, Maxi-Cards and memorial postmarks, the level of your collecting is for you to decide through your choice of subscription. Stamps and photo copies are being sold during the winter season .

In 1990, on the 15th of May, the very climax for the bee stamp collectors occurred, as the leaflet of Swedish discount stamps, a splendid series of ten different motives, was released. The motives (originals in water-colours) in a very nice way describe today’s bee-keeping.

I dare say, that you will find it both interesting and exciting to collect stamps. The present members certainly like it and keep staying on. But there is room for more of us. 

For further information please contact:
Hans-Olov Andersson
Visgatan 22C
S-703 72

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Please note: Mr. Andersson (Club-Masters) prefers the traditionel paper mail

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Die Welt der Bienen auf Briefmarken
The world of bees on stamps

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