New book "The Postal Bee"

The book “The Postal Bee” is the result of collecting postal items in a topical way for more than fifteen years. The two writers of the book have followed their own way in the topical philately. Therefore their co operation resulted in a sometimes surprising view on the bee world. The book is available in the Dutch, English and French languages.

The book counts more than 170 pages divided into three parts:

1.) Bees and Beekeeping (in six chapters)

Bee biology, History of beekeeping, The modern beekeeper, Bee products including Apitherapy,  Governmental interferences, Lüneburger Heide (Germany).

2.) Bees and Mankind (in eight chapters)

Napoleon, Bees and economic prosperity, The Enlightenment period, Artistic applications of beeswax, Bees and defensibility, Bees and love, Bees crumbs.

3.) Lists

American place names, Brazilian place names, German city mail, Russian Zemstvos, New South Wales 1850, Liberia 1909 – 1918, Thrift stamp Hungary 1916/1919, Belgium Publibel, Imperial bees (Napoleon), Bumble bees.

There is a small bibliography at the end of the book. 

The books are printed in full colour on A 4 size paper. They have a laminated, soft cover. The price of a book is 35,00 € (47,20 US $) ex. shipping.

Geraldine Forestier  -  Jan de Crom 

About the authors:

Géraldine Forestier (France) is very busy in her stamp club in Boulogne sur Mer. Her collection is called “les abeilles et les hommes” (bees and mankind). She participates in international exhibitions (vermeil, Vienna). She is an exhibition judge.

Jan de Crom was the founder of the Dutch Contact Group of Bee Philatelists in 1995. For many years he was the editor of the contact group magazine “De Postbij”. His collection is called “Stung by Bees”. He does not like the competition that is characteristic for exhibitions.

The books in the French language are available at:

Géraldine Forestier
103 Hameau de Herquelingue
62360 Isques, France

The books in the Dutch and English language are available at:

Jan de Crom
Donkerstraat 4 b
4063 CZ Heesselt, Netherlands

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Die Welt der Bienen auf Briefmarken
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